Top Down Raglan

This is for my girl, she fell in love with the yarn, Moda Vera “Corn” 100% corn fibre, while at the LYS  and put a guilt trip on my about how I haven’t knitted her anything for “ages” (yes, this could be true). I purchased 4 balls, knowing that I would make some sort of cropped cardigan for her, lets just hope now that this is enough. I did a little research on  Raverly for top down raglan patterns, as this way if I run out of yarn at least the top will be finished lol. I came to this pattern, which is more of a formula than a pattern, but which ensures a perfect fit (I hope). So I did my measurements, cast on 3 times before getting a neckline that looked like it was going to work, and was under way.Top Down RaglanAs only the second Top Down Raglan I have ever knitted I think I am doing rather well, although I did find that nearing the end of the raglan increases it seams to take a good 5 minutes to do one row. Here it is up against the daughters back nearing the point of joining. Top Down Raglan made of CornI’m a little worried about the joining as the “pattern” says to “add 1 inch of stitches to the underarm. I’m not too sure how I am suppose to apply this direction, but I’ll give it a go and if it doesn’t work out I’ll frog back and give it another go. 


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