Big Day Out, Auckland, 08.

 OMG it was the best, although I did feel very old! Got there nice and early, headed to the beer cage, as I nicked named it, so Best Friend could get her first beer of the day, listened to some crap band while she drunk away and DH & I waited. Then off to see things, and there was so much to see.First band we checked out was Operator Please I only knew like 3 of their songs, but they were good! I really really enjoyed them. We then headed over to Lillyworld to check it out and chill a bit we saw Northshore Pony Club which I enjoyed, surprising, not really my thing.Then over to the main stage to check out Anti-Flag who know how to work the crowd. Then Op Shop who we weren’t getting into so headed back over the other side to check out Tiki Taane, then we had Kate Nash not that I could see her at all but I was there, and god do I have the sunburn to go with it. My shoulder are fine as is my back, but I seem to have missed a lot on the front. I think I will be wearing halter neck tops for the next few days.After Kate Nash I was feeling rather bad. It was a hot 28 in Auckland and although I had already had 2 liters of water I needed more so we went to look for free water. This involved getting stuck in crossroads of 1000s of people all going different ways. OMG it was horrible! I hate being short & having a short DH in cases like this. I lost him in the crush. Found a fire hose which was being used to fill bottels and filled our up (3 in total) I got completely soaked down the front, but within 30 minutes I was dry again, was mighty cooling! After this we wanted to get to Dizzy Rascal but I was not going back threw that crush for anyone, so we went and found seats in the stand at the main stage for the rest of the night.Arcade Fire, well they were just amazing. I had never heard any of their stuff, but darn I had fun. Then came good old Shihad. They are just the best, never get sick of seeing them! By this stage I think I was suffering somewhat from heat exhaustion as I could have so easily gone to sleep!It was then time for Bjork, she had a great show visually, and I would have loved to see her at her own concert. She was put between Shihad & RATM which might not have been the best, but really there was no where else to put her. Very good still.We then come to THE main event Rage Against The Machine OMG well, Was amazing to see so many people all rocking out to them. We then joined the crush trying to get to see Supergroove who recently reformed. We only got about 3 songs unfortunately but it was good.Then home and sleep. I felt so hung-over on Saturday, I think although I didn’t smoke any of NZ’s finest green stuff, I may have inhaled a lot of other peoples, as it seemed everywhere we sat it was right by people indulging. All up it was a great day/night! I don’t have any of my own photos to share, but if you check out flickr there are a few over there.   


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