Decision Made

I couldn’t help it, I had to make something from the book. I had the yarn and was keen to get started. The yarn, a Spotlight brand, Hues Of Opulence #088, is a little off gauge according to the band, however I have had to go up one size needles to get it correct. The pattern starts with the midriff piece, but after 4 attempts (139 stitches a row!) I was still gaining stitches every row. So today after work I started fresh with a cup, this way I only had 40 stitches to contend with so thought it may be less problematic, and it was. In just 2 hours I finished the first cup (the right one) here it is shown with the dart sewn, temporarily, pushed out by one of my padded bras. 

Slik Slip, right cup.I am a little concerned that the cups may be a little too pointy for my liking, but I’m hoping I can get around this by sewing the dart slightly curved. I also toyed with the idea of somehow using short row shaping to avoid both the pointiness & seam, but I am far to inexperienced with short rows to be able to visualise how to do this. My short rows are limited to a Nose Warmer & a three socks, yes there is a UFO sock floating around my house.  


2 responses to “Decision Made

  • number19

    This looks like a really pretty little piece on the photo!
    Is it sown together with a piece of satinfabric underneath?


  • sbub

    Thanks for my first comment 🙂
    The skirt part of the slip is fabric, yes, but there is only interfacing under the knitted parts.


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