Progressing Well

I am progressing well after a shacky start to the Silk Slip. As the below photo shows, I am up to the left cup having completed the right cup and midriff. I have also just finished my first ball of yarn.  I purchased 4 balls so I’m thinking I will be able to make another one of these little slips for a lucky friend, or perhaps myself, would a slip and a camisole be too much?

It’s a great pattern to knit as it so fast and easy, I say that now after working out the lace pattern, still don’t know what I was doing wrong with that. I intend to finish it tonight bar the skirt part, as I have not found the fabric, a trip to the fabric shop is in order I think. I’m not intending to go for a silk or even satin, I’m thinking a nice viscose knit would suit me. If I have any luck finding it I’ll be impressed.  

Silk Slip 

On a side note I have added a new link to the sidebar. How About Orange is a great site by Jessica Jones that shows lots of lovely design “stuff” I enjoy it so thought I would share the Orange-ness. 



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