Road Trip January 2008 Part 1.

We did a total of 1530 km in 5 days. I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I wanted to but I had to consider both DH & TP.We traveled from Auckland to New Plymouth the first day. The first thing we noticed at the start of our trip was how brown the Waikato is at present. Normally, it has fields of lush green grass, but at the moment, it is brown everywhere you look.

We called in to visit friends who are farm-hands in Otorohunga who mentioned that the milk yield for the whole area is down around 10%. After stopping by their place we headed down State Highway 3. What a trip, when we got close to coast we couldn’t believe how blue the water was, I don’t think I’ve seen water that blue anywhere. It was when we were on this stretch of road we had a little accident, which wasn’t too bad, but left us all very shaken and wanting to get to our days destination. As a result I don’t have any photos of that lovely blue water.

We left on our road trip with no accommodation booked at all. This was a very brave thing for me to do, as I like to be super organized when it comes to things like this, but we took a leaf out of Bill Bryson’s books and headed straight to the i-Sites to get them to book our accommodation. They found a nice little motel which had everything we needed and was close to Pukekura Park where the festival of the lights are. After dropping off our bags we headed off to the waterfront for a walk around and to let TP have a play on any playgrounds we found along the way. What a great waterfront they have in New Plymouth. I could stay there all day long, just wonderful.New Plymouth Waterfront

New Plymouth Waterfront

New Plymouth beach

New Plymouth

Black Sand New Plymouth

We then headed into the inner city where once again we took Bill’s advice and walked around to see the ‘real’ town.

New Plymouth 1876 Building

It was Sunday early evening so nothing was open but it gave us time to have a good look without a lot of people. The vibe there was lovely and I think myself and DH could live with it.

TSB building New Plymouth

Mt Taranaki in Iron Work

We found an Asian smorgasbord for dinner, which was both good value and yummy, then off to Pukekura park for the lights.

To be continued…


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