Road Trip January 2008 Part 2

I was a little disappointed by the lights, but the park is amazing. If I was ever to come into a lot of money I would do something similar. I’m not too sure how large it is but what an asset for the city!Festival Of Lights

Sleeping Giant

New Plymouth Light Festival

Festival Of Lights

Festival Of Lights

We stayed at the park and Festival Of Lights for a good three hours then headed back to our motel for sleep. The following morning, we headed back to the huge park and went to the FREE zoo, then on to the FREE museum.

After that we got in the car and headed to Wanganui, via a stop over in Hawera where we walked around the graveyard looking for my Great Grandfather’s grave, which we didn’t find. Hawera is a bit of a hole really, which is a shame, I always though well of it for some reason but we were really disappointed. The fact that the people at the i-Site didn’t know where the graveyard was wasn’t a good start, then we didn’t find anything very appealing for lunch. However the last interaction we had with anyone in Hawera was good, at the Shell station of all places, A+ for the lovely girl who was working that day.

The drive to Wanganui wasn’t too bad but I was feeling sick & we stayed in the worst motel in the world. Warning bells should have gone off when the manager invited us up to the local hospital for dinner with him when we checked in. We were too scared to pull back the sheets so slept in our sleeping bags. I didn’t have a shower as it looked like you would pick something up from it and the jug didn’t work. Having said that, we did go for a drive around the city and went up to the look-out, were I didn’t take any photos and saw the river. We also found a playground that must have been built in the 70’s but they have kept it in working order. It was great for the TP.Wanganui Playground

I think I would like to go back to Wanganui again, but stay somewhere better which might put the whole city in a better light. For the record, don’t stay at the Bignel St Motel if you are in the area.

Then it was on to Wellington, where we meet up with an on-line friend I have known for around 7 years but never meet. We headed into Poruira at around 11 and met up in the mall. What a mall it is, and I don’t say that in a good way. The air conditioning seems to not work and friend informs me it’s always like this. The one redeeming feature would be it has a Lush store. Once again we used the local i-Site to get directions to our accommodation in Lower Hutt. The drive from Poruria down to Wellington then into Lower Hutt is a good one. I enjoyed it, lots to look at, and it was a great feeling being there, the weather was also amazing.

We arrived at the Top 10 Holiday Park in Lower Hutt a little early but they were good enough to shuffle the rooms around so we could go straight into one. We chose a basic cabin, which was all we needed. Nice and close to the communal bathroom and kitchen and right next to the GREAT playground. TP was very happy to discover the jumping pillow, and a flying fox of sorts.Jump High

Fly Fox Thing

We chilled happily here at the lovely park facilities for the rest of the day, while planning what we would do with ourselves tomorrow, I also cast on the baby cardigan here.

To be continued.


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