Knitting Projects

Been a little while since I have updated on my knitting projects so it’s about time.

I have completed all the knitting for the Silk Slip, so now the search is on for fabric to match. I haven’t had a good look around (only spotlight currently) but there was nothing that took my fancy. I have decided to go with just a tank length so not a great deal is needed, which is good for the budget.
Silk Slip, Knitting done.

I also have two projects on the go at the moment. The first being the Presto Chango for friends baby (due July 3rd) I am knitting it up in some horrible yarn I found at spotlight, it is grey with a blue sparkle in it. 100% polyester shit but soft. It is really hard to knit with, and hard on the hands so I have stalled on this at the moment. I only have one side left to do and the panel. I’m thinking of knitting the panel as part of the left side so I only need 3 buttons and it is a bit easier to do. I’m also unsure how the lace pattern would show up in this yarn, I think I might start a test swatch of the lace to see. presto chango back

My other project is a Garn Studio Hat. I’m using this as a bit of stash buster using some Panda Magnum acrylic that is left over from my Drop Stitch Vest I made a few years back. It is a pretty boring knit so I’m having trouble sticking to this also, but I hope to get it finished this weekend. It should be knit on DPN but I do not have the correct size so I’m using 2 circular needle needles which I find easier than DPN. the hat


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