Saturday Outting

We went for a little outing this past Saturday over to Devonport to purchase some DPNs. I knew Wild And Woolly stock the Clover bamboo ones, which are lovely to knit with plus it was a good excuse to check out their yarn. This shop is the best yarn shop I have ever been to, it is presented so well, you just want to stay their all day and experience their yarns. I found the yarn I want to use for the Waist Clincher top from Knitting Lingerie Style, it is 70% merino & 30% silk, I am currently using the 8ply to make the lacy socks from the same book. I think I will go for the pale green.

After a good look in the yarn shop we headed for Ikes Emporium where I found this fabric. Which I am going to make a skirt for myself, the photo is kind of showing how it will be. I just fell in love with it and thought it would look super cute with a little knitted twin set.
Winnie The Pooh Skirt

Winnie The pooh Skirt

I plan on putting some elastic around the waist but also using the gingham ribbon woven threw the eyelets, as shown above.


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