St Patrick’s Caplet

I have 7 Days to make my Nana a present. It is her birthday on St Patrick’s day, her name is Patrica, madien name was Murphy, I have always associated my Nana with the colour green, so it was only fitting that I found some green yarn to make up this caplet. I though it would be nice to make something for her and when I saw the Interweave knits book Wrap Style I knew I would find something in there for her. She is getting on in years and as you do, she is feeling the cold more and more. After talking with Mum we decided just a plain little caplet would be the best, no confusing twists and easy to put on and off. So away I went. The yarn is a Wendy acrylic, wool mix. I went for this as it is chunky, (read “knit up fast”) and is machine washable, which I thought would be good for Nana. I am making the large size and crossing my fingers that it will fit.

This is the second top down raglan type project I have made, 3rd if you count the dolls cardigan, and I am still not happy with how the increases look, as you can see in the bottom photo they leave little holes. On this garment I have used the M1 increase where in the past I have done Kfb. Neither produce a look I like, so if I ever do a garment top down again, I will try another type of increase, I think there are others.




Here is my progress on the anniversary socks, still on the first one, but I’m starting to really like it. The yarn is so nice, I think it will be a shame to wear them with shoes in-case the wear out really quick like my Opal Yarn ones did. I guess I can wear them with slippers around the house come winter. The pattern is from knitting Lingerie Style, I’m calling them my anniversary socks, as I hope to have them finished by our wedding anniversary, 9th of June. When I first meet my DH he commented on some purple socks I was wearing with my school uniform, when I said, so what he said it was just an excuse to look at my legs. Ever since we have had a ‘thing’ about purple socks. This yarn is the exact same purple as those original socks 10 years ago, so as I had only 1 ball of it what else was I going to make?

I have changed the pattern a little, firstly I did not like how the toe was done, it looked very pointy and had a ‘seam’ up each side. I didn’t think this would be comfortable so I changed it to a short row toe. I have also done the lace on the top of the foot, as I can’t imagine having lace on the sole of a sock would be very comfortable, or warm. Once I get up to the leg though I will continue as the pattern says. The lace patten is so easy to remember which makes them a good portable project, although they won’t be getting much work until I have done Nana’s caplet.


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