Done, With 2 Days To Go

I’m so proud of myself. With 2 days remaining until Nana’s birthday, I have finished her capelet. Not 100% happy with it, but I’m sure Nana will still like it. I think the sizing might be a little on the large size for her, but who is ever up with what size their Nana is wearing these days.

St Patrick's Capelet
Pattern: Grand Plan Top Down Capelet from Wrap Style.

Yarn: Wendy Chunky with Wool.

Needle size: 10 1/2 US, 6 1/2mm

Neckline was k2 p2 rib for 1 inch, I’m not really happy with this as I think it may have made the neckline a little to wide, but it was the first bit I knitted so I couldn’t go back and change it easily. The buttons were a great find from my Mum’s button jar, and I placed them on a garter stitch button band. I had never done one before so thought this would be the best option. I’ll get a photo of it on Nana once it is given to her.

While I’m showing FOs I thought it time I post a picture of DD’s Corn Cardigan.
Corn Cardigan
I’m not happy with the finished result, the fit isn’t good and I picked up far too many stitches around the front & neck so it flips out really badly, but DD insists it is perfect. Got to love off-spring.

Anniversary SocksI also have been making progress on my anniversary socks since finishing the Capelet. I have now turned the heel, once again with short rows rather than instructed, however I have had to pull most of my work from tonight undone as I made an error in the lace pattern and although I tried just to drop down the offending stitches I could not fix it. I have a book from the library currently, Lace Style, which shows in the back how to fix mistakes in lace patterns, but I don’t seem to be able to follow them. I will however copy the relevant pages before return the book as I think in the future it would be of help.


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