There’s a Hole In My Sock

Hole At the HeelI turned the heel, and finally fixed the mistake in the lace, only to discover a huge hole where I had finished the heel but must have done something wrong. Is there any way to fix this? I will have to research. Put me in a bit of a mood finding this so I think they might go to sleep for the next month or so.

I brought some yarn this week that I would like to make TP a cardigan/jacket out of for her birthday in April. On our trip to the library today, I hoped to have found a book for inspiration but there was only a couple with children’s patterns and they were dated. I tossed up the idea of trying to design it myself, but I really don’t know if I have the skills to do that. I took her into Pumpkin Patch on friday, after our weekly Mother Daughter coffee and thick-shake catch up, to have a lookie at what they have in the way of knitted items that we could get ideas from, but they didn’t seem to have a lot this winter. One thing that did stand out however was a long line cardie that tied with a belt and had cables & rib. It looked really nice and TP liked, so I might knit up a swatch and try out some cables.


2 responses to “There’s a Hole In My Sock

  • bruisinraincloud

    you can fix this!

    you can reach down with your needle to the ‘hole’ and pull it up to the row you are on…..then do a ssk, (slip the stitch onto another loop & knit them together).

    *if you don’t mind a variation of your pattern design use that one.

    You can also wait until you finish the sock & go back & mend it there.

    what I do when I making socks is I make a couple of extra stitches that I ssk each row in. No one knows I have, but it kind of ‘fills’ in the holes.

    I hope you figure it out, but even if you have to leave it this way, it still is a beautiful sock!

  • mick

    You didn’t do anything wrong! When I do a short-row heel (or most heels, really) there is always a hole when you rejoin for knitting in the round. I typically pick up an extra stitch or two in that spot, and then knit them together on the next row to get back to the correct number of stitches. Works like a charm!

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