It Fits

St Patrick's Capelet on NanaAfter work yesterday, myself and TP went to visit Nana to wish her a happy birthday and drop off her present. I’m happy to report that it fits and she seemed to like it. I’m sure she would hate to know I posted her picture but it can be our little secret 😉

I have started to do swatches for TP’s cardigan, she is wanting it made out of the left overs of the St Patrick’s Capelet, which is fine with me as I have no idea what else I would use the 7 balls for. It will have two cables up the front on a reverse stocking stitch background with a wide rib button band, then at the empire line it will change to a eyelet linear pattern of some sort, haven’t thought that far. I’m confident I should be able to do it however the sleeve shaping and then the sleeve cap have me a little worried, but I will deal with that when/if I get there.

I would also like to thank the two lovely readers that left comments on my last post about the hole in my sock and how to fix it. I will be attempting this in the very near future. Once again, thank you.


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