Swatch Time

Having finished one of the anniversary socks, I believe I don’t have enough yarn to finish the second. I did the trick of weighing the finished sock, 38 grams, then weighing the remaining yarn, 10 grams. What to do? I have put them to bed for a little while I continue with other projects.

For my birthday, Mum gave me 10 balls of the yarn I want to do the Waist Clincher Top in, so last night after casting off the 1st sock I did some swatching.

I am needing 18 st & 24 rows for the pattern but even going from size US7 to a US9 I am still getting 20 st & 26 rows. I don’t what to go up any bigger in needle size as the fabric will become too loose so I have done some maths. If I make the 36 size, one size bigger than what is needed, I think it should come out the correct size for my bust, however my hips are not too well proportioned when it comes to my bust and at a 34″ bust the hip is also 34″, were I really need at least 40″ to fit over my hips. I thought I could cast on more stitches and decreases after the hips are cleared but as there is the lace pattern and I don’t know if I could hide my decrease well enough. The other thought I am having is about knitting it in the round, as then I can try it on to see if the hip will fit. I will do some research on that one and see if anyone else has done it in the round and see if it causes any bias.


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