Back Finished

I am happy to report I have finished the back of the Waist-Cincher top and have started on the front. From my workings I cast on for the 3rd size when I really just need the smallest, however as I was not getting the correct gauge and I wanted a bit more ease around the hip area I though this is what was needed. After knitting around 4″ the whole thing was looking far too big, so I frogged it and started with the stitches for the second size, once again after about 4″ it was looking too big so I frogged for a second time and just went with what it said for the 34″ bust. It went really quick once I was in the swing of the lace pattern and although there is one mistake in the lace I am very happy with the way it looks and how I think it will fit.

I haven’t yet taken a photo of the completed back, but here it is when I was up to the armhole shaping. The drape and feel of this yarn is really nice and I think I will enjoy wearing it as long as it is not too warm. Auckland gets cold but not cold enough for really warm knitted things against the skin, well not for me anyway.

I cast on the front this morning, but must have still be tired even after a 10:20am sleep-in, as i stuffed up the lace 3 times. I put it down and took TP down the road on her bike to the local football field for a big ride around. She did well considering she has only ridden the bike about 3 times since we took the training wheels off, we did have a few little melt downs though.


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