It’s all Looking Good

Waist-Cincher front & Back
Things are looking good for the Waist-Cincher top, I think I’m really going to like it. Yesterday I cast on the sleeves, working both together to ensure the shaping is the same on both. I have am going great guns on them and all going well should finish them tomorrow night, if not tonight while watching CSI. My worries about the armholes were put to rest when I measured it against one of my t-shirts, Mums suggestion.

Waist-Cincher sleeveI did however have fears that the sleeves would be too tight on my upper arms, so once I had done the finial increase I seamed one up and tried it on. I think I should stop worrying about this garment and get on with finishing it.

Interweave KnitsThis week I received in the PO Box two magazines I got off Trademe, they were packaged in both a plastic bag then in an envelope with cardboard, if only everyone packaged things so well, and she didn’t even overcharge me for it all. Anyway, the two I got, pictured below, have some great patterns in them. I particularly like the V-neck jumper gathered pullover, if you are a ravelry user you can see it here.


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