You could say it’s finished

Almost Done Waist CincherYou could say it is all done, but I’m not happy so I’m frogging some of it. I did real bust darts, meaning I added 5 stitches to each front, however I should have lost those extra 10 stitches when I was shaping the neck line. So I will be un-sewing it all and re-shaping the neckline to lose those stitches therefore hopefully making the neckline wider up the top, and making the lace bit end under the bust rather than on it. This photo isn’t really a true indercation of how it really sits, I don’t know why it looks ok in the photo, yet when I see it in the mirror it looks all wrong!

In more knitting news, I have cast on a Circular Vest out of my Pink Jet for TP for her birthday on the 12th. I’m hoping for this to be a secret, but I’m not sure how this will go, since she is always around when I knit.


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