Circular Shrug

Mock Rib Wrong SideI am working on a circular shrug for TP’s birthday on Saturday. It is going really well and I should have it finished tomorrow night. The pattern uses a Mock Rib stitch, which creates a nice slip stitch pattern on the wrong side. I am thinking I might use this stitch again with two colours for a project, I don’t know what project yet, but will dream up something. The photo doesn’t really show it well in one colour.

On Sunday I spend the day doing some photography with a friend. I choose to head to the local markets to give me a bit of a challenge with shooting people, it turned out to be a lot harder then I though. I lack a lot of confidence when it comes to things like this and at one stage found myself wanting to run home as the amount of people really was getting to me, I did however get a couple of shots. There are others but they need a little work in Photoshop first.
This one should get a bit of work digitally too, but thought I should show something. I don’t really like it as I find the girl in the white top is too burnt out. The exposure isn’t too good either and it should have been cropped, I guess all up it isn’t that great but at least I can see that which means I know what I need to work on.

We then headed up to an old cemetery where I was much more in my element.

The sun was a little harsh but I managed to get a few that don’t need to be edited.

There are lots more to come from this trip, but these are just a little preview.


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