Anniversary Socks Done

Anniversary Socks I am happy to report the completion of my Anniversary Socks. Having realised that I would not have enough yarn for the second sock, I put them on the back burner while I knitted my Waist-Cincher Top. Having completed that I headed down to the yarn sale from the Gisborne earthquake and found a ball of the yarn. Now when I picked it up I didn’t even look at the dye lot. The likely-hood of being able to match it was extremely low from my understanding, so when I got home and found that it was indeed the same dye lot I was over the moon, my mothers response was “Tin Bum” 

So now that they are finished; the modifications I made. I used the Lace Summer Socks Pattern but did not do lace on the bottom of the foot, I thought this might not be too comfortable. I also changed both the toe and the heel from the pattern to short row ones. I didn’t like shape of the toe how the pattern tells you to do it so changed it to one I like. However I did do it a little wrong, forgetting to do the double wrap when i am picking up the wraps, but it has worked out ok. For the cast off I did a YO every second stitch to make sure they had enough stretch to get on, unlike my first pair of socks I made.

With the first sock I had a hole when I turned the heel, after reading through the comments I got here from two very helpful people, I am happy to show that the second sock does not have that same hole. 🙂 In general the second sock is a lot better with fewer, if any, mistakes, I guess this happens when you have already knitted a pattern. 

So on to another project, I picked up TP’s socks again and started to knit the second one, I was doing so well then I laid it against the other only to discover that I must be using bigger needles then I had on the first as it is much bigger than the first sock. This isn’t too much of a worry as the first is now a little too small for TP to put on easily so I will just finish this one and knit a third sock with the larger needles. 



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