Lossy’s New Hat

L1010594Lossy was in need of a new beanie, the first I made him was short, the next a bit longer, but still a little on the short side, only just covering his ears. Third time lucky, this one fits well. I used this pattern thanks to exartstudent kindness for providing it to us all for free. It was a great pattern to knit and really easy, once I got the set up rib correct, how hard do you think K2, P2 rib could be? I also taught myself how to do the cable without a third needle, I found cable front really quick once I got the hang of it, but struggled a lot with the cable back. I feel a lot more confident now tackling the sweetheart cable for TP’s cardigan, which is next on my list. 

I started last night writing out the cable pattern from the graph for these socks. I can’t imagine ever being able to knit a cable from a chart so I thought this was the best bet, plus the graph for working from the top down, where I will be working bottom up. I hope to swatch it up tonight while watching both the Biggest Looser & Survivor.


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