So Fast and So Cute

I was well impressed with myself this past weekend. As planned on Saturday, I got stuck into the Baby Shrug. Baby Shrug This was the progress around 3pm. It was going pretty well, the pattern was well written and easy to follow, the yarn was a darling to knit (a bargain at $2 a ball for 100% wool) and it was a portable project so I was able to take it to mums and get some knitting done there too.

By the time I headed to bed on Saturday night I had cast off the main garment and was ready to pick up for the bands, I thought it was best not to do this at 11:30 at night.
Baby Shrug
After a nice Mothers Day sleep in and yummy B&E for breakfast I curled up on the couch, still in pj’s, and picked up the 130 odd stitches around the fronts. For once I got it right the first time, so it was quick going from there. It wasn’t until I only had the wrist bands left to do and was taking this photo when I noticed the mistake, of course things couldn’t go too smoothly. By this stage I was not going to undo it so I continued on with a plan.

And what a plan it was, I think it was a pleasent supprise how well that “mistake” turned out.
Baby Shrug with Rose

Such a simple flower saved the garment and made it look even better, then it would have.

I’m happy to report that Baby’s Daddy was very impressed with it and couldn’t wait to take it home and show it to the new Mum.


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