Design Sketches

Cardi Sketch Front Cardi Sketch BackI’m not the best at drawing so I brought Photo Shop in to play with these, please forgive me. These are my sketches for TP’s Cardigan, my first go at designing a knit garment. I’m doing pretty well with the knitting, up to the final repeat of the cable on the fronts. The plan was to go into a mock rib stitch at around the empire line, but having shown TP the sketch she doesn’t like the “lines” at the top, so we have decided to go for stocking stitch from that point up. On the back I’m hoping to be able to carry the cable up to the hoodie then pick up stitches from each side of the panel to complete the hood, I have no idea how to do that though. The first big challege with this is working out how to do the armhole shaping as I want it to have fitted sleeves, I have read a couple of things which I hope will help with this part of the design. In the mean time I will just keep knitting, knitting, just keep knitting.


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