Instant Gratification

I am in need of instant gratification, I have come to a halt on TP’s cardi as I try to work out what to do since the mock ribbing didn’t look great.

I have a long queue on ravelry including a few projects I could quickly churn out for instant gratification:

Broad Street Mittens, for SIL

Branching Out

Crocheted Slippers, For Sister


Triangle Motif Cuff,

And I really need to replace Lossy’s Felted clogs I made him last year.
Sad Felted Clogs

So which would be the most successful for instant gratification. I’m thinking any thing which requires to cast on a second as soon as I have finished the first does not really meet the criteria. Which only leaves the Branching Out scarf, Perdita or the Triangle Motif Cuff.

Branching Out: I have the yarn sitting in my stash, Patons Bluebell in a pretty greenish colour, it would be a rather quick knit if the lace pattern isn’t too hard to remember, Might have to give it a go to see.

Perdita:L1000555 Once again I have the yarn in my stash, Naturally Stella bamboo yarn, although I’m 100% sure I want to use this single ball of yarn for this project, but then what else could I use it for? I scarf? another baby vest?

Triangle Motif Cuff: Crochet is always fast and I only need to do 3 motifs, but what yarn?

I guess I should just go and do something.


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