Paint The Whole World with a Rainbow

It was a “Mummy Daughter Day” today as the school had a Teachers only Day. We had great plans of doing lots of things but when it came down to it we just enjoyed ourselves. We took a trip to the local outlet mall to see what bargains we could find. Most bargains it would seem did not come in our sizes today so we left with only a small purchase of a red riding hood coat for TP, a bargain it was, having been marked down to just $5 as a button needed to be re-sewn on.

At home we made some rainbow cupcakes, I had seen a thread on Craftster about these and thought I’d give it a go.
Rainbow Cupcake Mix
Here they are all bloby before heading into the oven
Rainbow Cupcakes Cooking
Cooking in the oven, please excuse the dirt, really must clean that oven
Rainbow Cupcakes Cooked
The finished product.

I didn’t realise that food colouring did in fact change the taste of food, but hey TP will eat them, if Lossy & myself don’t.


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