Slipper Progress

I have almost compeleted the first of Lossy’s new slippers. The twistered garter stitch sole was a real killer on my “old before their time” fingers. I continuely got cramp in my left hand and my right hand fingers would just stop working. Anyway here is the results so far…Slipper sole

I have also this week started a crocheted hat for Besty, the slippers for her really were not working and are now frogged. This Hat does seem to be going better, although I didn’t get it finished for her to take on holiday but there will be plenty of chances to wear it here in Auckland over the coming months.

Also this week both Besty & myself attended our first knitting group. Knit Rangers out at The Packing Shed cafe in west auckland. It was nice to meet all the lovely ladies & I look forward to going again. 


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