Eve Shrug

I have made a start on the Eve Shrug for TP, I was suppose to have started this when I finished Lossy’s Log Cabin Socks, but I got carried away on his slippers. Having reached the point where the slippers, I should really say slipper as there is only one, is to be grafted I wanted something easier on the hands to knit.

I started out well, until I realised that yes it was wrong to be slipping only 1 stitch to the cable needle for the left slant cable, I was six rows in when I realised this but thought it might not be too noticeable at the bottom of the back as it was.

Eve Shrug Detail

I carried on up to where the bobbles are. Now I think I am a pretty experienced knitter, but I have never made bobbles before, first time for everything. I was surpised at how much they do stand out from the fabric, & confused by how they are on the wrong size until you purl into the back of them on the next round. How that pulls them around I do not know, but it does.

Bobble Detail

Having now repeated a full pattern I think I am going to pull it back and re-start. I know the mistake isn’t too noticeable but I know it is there and always will. It will drive me crazy every time TP wears it, so I think it is for the best, and it really is good weather here in Auckland at the moment to be snuggled up on the couch all day knitting. So I will leave you for the warmth of my couch, a wheat bag and a warm cuppa with a final photo of the shrug before it is frogged.

Eve Shrug Detail


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