Eve Shrug Part 2

I did as I said I would, and frogged what I had completed of the back of the Eve shrug, I’m glad I did as it does look so much better now.
Eve Shrug Back
The back went really smoothly, so I was onto the fronts by Tuesday, this is when things slowed a lot. The instructions, although clear, were hard to follow, I had already re-typed the cable panel instructions as I found being broken over lines, as they are in the original pattern, confusing as I was having trouble working out which row I was up to. So after a few attempts at the casting on and working in pattern on the front I decided the best move was to graph it. So with the help of Excel and about 30 minutes of work I came up with this.Eve Shrug front cable graph

Ok, it might not be the way graphs are done, but it has worked for me.
Eve Shrug Back & part of left front

So now I have finished the left side and made a chart for the right front, I am off to sit under a blanket on my knitting chair and knit until it is late. I am hoping to get this front done tonight so I can move on to the sleeves, which will mean I’m almost done.


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