Eve Shrug Part 3: The Sleeves

The Sleeves have been started and although I had reservations about the cuffs being blue, I couldn’t buy enough of the pink for the whole thing so went with blue for the bands, TP is liking it and it is growing on me. More photos of the Eve Shrug can be found HERE. Out of all of them this photo would be the most accurate in colour.
Eve Shrug Sleeve

As always I am knitting the sleeve together, to ensure that the shaping is the same on both, Mum always did it this way, so when I started knitting I just did it this way too. I think a lot of the way I knit comes from Mum. I have graphed out the cable pattern again and yesterday while in the CBD to meet Lossy for lunch, TP & I came across these great little magnet bookmarks. They came in packs of 6 (.50c per bookmark) and are just what I needed to mark my lines on the graph. I took two, one on the back and one on the front and ta da, my own little Pattern Tamers.
Magnet BookmarksMy own pattern tamer


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