My Girl Can KNIT!

Can you tell I’m excited / proud? TP has been trying for ages to knit, but would get really frustrated and give up quickly. After a trip the other day to the LYS, where she found this book she has been really keen to give it another go, so today we sat down and gave it a go. After I cast on for her and did the first row, I sat behind her just to guide things along. The needles are far too long for her, but she did it. I soon discovered that she prefers the continental style of knitting, meaning she holds the yarn in her right hand, so I had to think hard about which way she should be putting the yarn over the needle, but I think we got it right.

In Around Under Off In Around Under Off
Learning to Knit In Around Under Off

Learning to Knit

Look at the concentration on her face.
Mum & Daughter time

The finished rows.
Tegan's Knitting


One response to “My Girl Can KNIT!

  • Libby

    awesome! sounds like my little girl, she finally got it a wee while ago too, very proud moment for a Mummy who knits! I totally understand……

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