Secrets Revealed

Saturday Besty & myself headed off to Auckland Museum for the Secrets Revealed exhibition. Besty gives a much better review of it then I ever could, so I send you over there to read about the exhibition. I will just share with you my photographs. It was a real challenge to catch the magic of the exhibition on film (really CCD as it is digital) Auckland Museum allows photography but no tripods, so when I taking these shots I relied on a high ISO, 3200 for some of them, a large aperture and a very steady hand, although I have a hand with that with the image stabilization on my camera.

This first shot I took two versions of, this one on tungsten white balance and the first on auto white balance, I wasn’t sure which would work best at the time. I wanted to catch the beauty I was seeing and wasn’t sure if the colour cast would cause problems. I’m glad I did take the two so I could choose at home.DSC00169

This canoe looked great on the “water” and with the aid of a human tripod (leaning on the fence and placing my legs to form a triangle) I was able to catch it, just how it was.


I really should have taken more notice of what this was, but I was trying to work out how to capture the lighting that I overlooked it.
This is the knee of the skeleton, I had to do a little bit of burning in on the far left point of it, but I love the way it turned out.

And the whole skeleton, with the flash this looked pretty boring, but I’m really happy with this.

Overall I can say that I’m really happy with the shots I got on Saturday, I think I over came the obstacles and got some great shots. I have more to show, which I will do in time, the rest do need a bit of work in Photoshop. I’ll leave you with my favorite.


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