Vintage Purls’ Sock Yarn

I received today my package from Vintage Purls which included all this.
Vintage Purls parcel

Unfortunately the needle tips are for Mum, but the lovely Brunswick I get to keep for a little while.
Vintage Purls Sock Yarn

I had read great reviews of Vintage Purls sock yarn but I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. I am very tempted to keep it myself, would make a lovely lacy scarf for myself, but then what would I do for Dad? The plans for this yarn is a pair of socks for my dad. He is a loyal wearer of woolen socks, so it seems like the perfect gift for him, and he loves green (lucky he isn’t too savvy on the internet, or the surprise might be ruined).

I searched around Ravelry for a while to find the right pattern to use for this lovely variegated yarn. Nothing too plain, as it would get boring and they would end up in hibernation, but nothing to fancy as cable or lace don’t play nice with variegated yarns. I eventually found the Firestarter pattern, this looks like the perfect solution, a nice little bit of cable to reduce the boredom and lots of stocking stitch, to show off the pretty yarn.


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