I work, part time, school hours or so they say. Really I do an 8 hour day squeezed into the 5 3/4 hours I am in the office, then at busy times I bring more home to do. I don’t mind this as I am on a wage and get paid for said work at home. Work has been crazy busy for me lately, I had 4 days off to spend time with TP during the term brake. It was lovely, even if the first two nights, while she slept in bed, I worked feverishly to get spreadsheets out to customers. On the 4th day, I couldn’t help myself I had to e-mail the office to see what was in store for me on my arrival back, there was lots so I started work straight away.

Now in a strange way I enjoy all this work, I feel useful. I like nothing better then to feel productive and I guess in a way this is why I knit. I can sit watching TV ( a hugely unproductive activity) and have something fruitful at the end. So times like now I get very fidgety.

I have just completed a large project, Eve, which I happily admire each day as TP walks out dressed. I have purchased lovely new yarn for a project which isn’t due till November and in all the excitement I had to cast on, my fingers wouldn’t let me not. So away I went, I struggled, things didn’t go too smooth, then I find that even though I did the all important gauge swatch it was turning out too big ACH! So what to do? I think lets just see what it will be like on smaller needles,so I get my cheep nasty circular needle ready and knit onto it, this is when disaster struck. The needle broke, taking with it half of my stitches, with disgust I frog the whole thing, I have until November after all!

So I sit there staring at my knitting paraphernalia sprawled around the living area and I start to get anxious. My stash has not been getting smaller, my last few projects I have purchased yarn, naughty me. I have a sudden need to stash bust.

I jump in the shower to calm myself, but I can’t get the yarn, nor knitting out of my head. I think how I want a cable scarf, perhaps the Log Cabin Socks left overs would do, how about the pink jet for TP, a hat maybe. The 2 1/2 balls I found from Eve maybe a small item is need form that. Then my mind goes to the UFOs, The long line Cardi I was designing for TP, I was 1/2 done, but couldn’t work out the armholes. I should pick it back up. What about my merino & silk waist clincher top, which has been worn once but was too short and I was never happy with the neck line. I have always wanted to fix it, what better time, it would still be cold enough to wear when I was done.

I look at the stash beside the bed. Lossy says he is “scared to come over your side incase I am for ever tangled in the yarn.” I set to clean up, so much yarn so little decisiveness. If only I could pick something and get it done. I look down and find my winter issue of VK sitting under the gauge swatch, which I now have no idea what needles were used, for the Puff Sleeve Jacket. That will be it, away I walk, yarn, magazine & needles in hand.


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