Puff Sleeve Jacket

True to my word i have cast on for the Puff Sleeve Jacket from the winter 07 issue of Vogue Knitting. I brought the yarn way back in March at the earthquake sale and was given the magazine for my birthday, since then I have had other things on my needles so did not get to it. Now that I have started, I wish had done so so much earlier on in winter. Its a really easy knit, so far, and I am enjoying it a lot. In just two days I finished the back and am now onto the fronts.
Puff Sleeve Jacket, Back
I did do something pretty silly in the back, which glares out to me in the photo, I re-knitted the yarn from my gauge swatch which had been sitting around for about 3 months. I hope once it is all done and blocked you won’t be able to see it.
The gauge is off by about 4 sts per inch so I am knitting the large size which should, and is looking to make the small size. I think I should have made it a bit longer as it does appear to be cropped, but I think I can work it at this length?


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