Puff Sleeve Jacket: part 4

The sleeve are done and seamed, all that is left is the collar and this is where I have run into a problem. You see my gauge was off on this, I was getting 24 stitches to 4 inch so I went with making a large to produce a small size. However I did not pay much attention to my row gauge and this is were the problem comes from. My row gauge was only 1 row more then what the pattern called for, meaning where the pattern referred to rows I should have been doing the small size, which I didn’t. This has resulted in my neckline be lower then what it should be therefore bigger, so last night when I sat down to do the collar, and then pinned it to the body, it was not long enough but was too wide. I now need to sit down and work out what I’m going to do. I could flag the collar and just pick up around the neckline and do some garter stitch or I could calculate how to get the collar to fit. But is the collar going to look ok now that the neck line is so much lower then it should be?


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