Wardrobe Planning

Why can I not have any skill when it comes to wardrobe planning. I have this terrible habit of buying, or in the worse case making, clothing that goes with nothing else in my wardrobe. The current example of this is the Puff Sleeve Jacket. When I saw the pattern I really liked it and while working on it I still liked it, but then I got to the point of being able to see it finished (well, almost finished) I tried it on with things I currently own and low and behold, it goes with nothing, not even my new dress, which I really thought it would. Where do you learn these kind of skills or is it just one of those things you are born with?


3 responses to “Wardrobe Planning


    May I suggest for this outfit to keep it simple. Black pants (preferably wide leg man pants)and black short sleeved or long (definitely NOT 3/4 sleeved or anything that ‘just’ peeps out) cotton lycra top, preferably with a mid to boat neckline. Maybe a couple of bracelets that have purple and another couple of grey hued colours in them (eg sage, dusky pink, smokey blue) to link it all together. This is a bold piece, let it speak for itself for a while until you feel brave enough to combine with other pieces that also say ‘something’ by themselves(i.e your new P.S.J. S AND your new dress). Baby steps….
    Maybe we need to start with your 10 wardrobe basics and move forward from there, the black pants, white shirt, knee length skirt, LBD etc etc.
    Shopping volunteer this way *waves profusely*, just don’t tell my accountant, she’s a Nazi when it comes to my spending habits….


    Oh, and you learn, like most things in life, by making mistakes and learning from them.
    You also learn by taking risks, and been prepared to suffer the consequences of said risks, ridicule, judgement etc if you would like to focus on the negative, or commendation, praise and admiration (or jealousy for those who are so insecure they cannot compliment someone for a job well done) when you get it right. I fully encourage you to take the risk, it is clothing, not jumping off a 80 metre cliff with only concrete below, and even it were, enjoy the view going down.

  • careerfashion

    I know, planning a wardrobe is hard. But if you do it right you avoid purhcasing mistakes and save a lot of money. A tip: use your digital camera and take photos of what you have in your wardrobe, then bring it when you shop so you can see if this potential purchase is going to work with the clothes you already have. If you are unsure about a purchase, then don’t buy it – instead take a picture of your self wearing it in the fitting room. Then you can think about it without being rash with your fashion dollars.
    For more tips, check out my fashion blog.

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