Puff Sleeve Jacket: Almost Done

Puff Sleeve jacketSo the collar worked out ok, but I think I will make it bigger, 10 cm like the pattern says. I know Besty advised a black top, but I was warm and didn’t want to change tops and I didn’t relise until seeing the photos you could see the colour of my singlet through my top. Oops, why didn’t anyone at work say something?

Sickness has been visiting our house this past week, TP has an ear infection which equal no sleep for mummys & daddys, I guess my mum could just say it is payback for all the sleepless nights she had when I was little and always had sore ears. And I now have a very nasty throat, which is why i haven’t got any further with the finishing of this, all I want to do is sleep or blob out.

I have been however thinking of my next project, SIL’s birthday is fast approaching & I would really love to knit her a really warm scarf (she is in the northern hemisphere) for the winter. I’m thinking of this entrelac one, which also gives me the opportunity to try out a new technique. I am thinking something like the Vintage Hues in orange or maybe Vero.


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