Sickness Visits Too Long

Winter has been here for too long it feels and for the past 2 1/2 weeks I have been sick. The lovely daughter thought it would be nice to share her illness with me, I have always been pleased with her ability to share, but this is one of those that she could have kept all to herself and I wouldn’t have minded a bit. With sickness comes tissues, bad tempers and frustration. I get frustrated by not being able to sit without coughing or my nose running and my ability to concentrate on anything is blown out the window. It always happens when you are full on at work, perhaps this is part of why you get sick, too much stress and not looking after yourself correctly. I now long for a night were I can sleep from 9pm til 7am without waking, being able to sit for long periods and do something productive, or at least without coughing every few minutes. I’m sure Lossy too is ready for the sickness to move on to some other house, he really is a trouper and has waited on me so lovingly, what would I do without him?


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