Basket Weave Socks

I finished the scarf so got started on Dad’s socks straight away. I was really wanting to persevere with the Firestarter pattern but being that I was sick and wanted just to get going I pulled out the Sensational Socks book that I had out from the library and got started on the Basket Weave Socks.

Basket Weave SockI must have stuffed up measuring my swatch as they started to look very big, so I just moved down to 2.25mm needles, and they are now looking good and are a nice tight fabric, which I think is important for a pair of socks. I worry that Dad might “keep them for good” i.e. never wear them, if they were to delicate. However this means that I’m using that lovely yarn up so much faster, so fast in fact that after getting to the heel turn I had less than 1/2 the skein left, meaning there would be no way of getting a pair of socks out of the skein. luckily Vintage Purls still had a skein of the colour way available so I placed my order last night along with a Knit Picks set of DPNs. At the moment I’m borrowing mums so I will be able to give hers back come Saturday when I expect the parcel to arrive.


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