Basket Weave Socks: Part 2

Basket Weave SockSock 1 is finished and number 2 is well on its way. My yarn from Vintage Purls arrived on Monday along with my new set of DPNs. I have learned a lesson when it comes to hand dyed yarn, which I really should have already known, no two skeins will be alike, as a result the new skein of Brunswick has a lot warmer then the first, but it will only be used in the foot of the sock which isn’t seen much so it’s not of two much of a shame.

Basket Weave Socks

With the remainder of the skein I plan to make the Winter Twilight Mitts from Daily Knitting. I will use the Deep Blue Ocean for the background and the Brunswick for the black. But more on that when I’m closer to casting on.
Vintage Purl Sock Yarns

Also this weekend I did my swatch for a summer top, the Cable & Lace Top from Summer Vogue Knitting
Swatch for Lace & Cable Top


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