Pretty Perdita

I took a little detour on the project for a friends birthday, the scarf I wasn’t happy with but with a browses of my queue on ravelry I found the perfect project, a little Lilac Perdita from Knitty. I have wanted to make one of these since I first saw the pattern and now I had the excues to. 
Lilac Perdita

I used Naturally Hand Knit Stella, which is a 100% bamboo and used a couple of buttons I had lying around, I hope the intended recipient like it. All up in only took 2 hours plus a little bit of time to block it out, the photos were taken on TP’s wrist before blocking.

Lilac Perdita

The Lace & Cable top has slowed down a bit, I am up to the peplum but there are so many stitches now that one round takes forever and having had a full on work week I have not been awake enough at the end of the day to even attempt lace knitting. But I do promise I will post a progress photo very soon.


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