700 – Arts and Recreation

20 minute library trip A quick trip to any library can cause a back injury with me. 

On a fleeting trip to the local library to return books today, I walked out with the books to the left. This was only my selection from one shelf, you don’t want to see what I can choose when there is more time and I take a good look around. I often walk up to Lossy tettering under the weight of my chosen material telling him to get me out of here before I leave with the whole library.

700 in the Dewey Decimal Classification is where you can find me in a library, this section covers pretty much all my interests:
700 Arts
710 Landscaping & area planning
720 Architecture
730 Sculpture, ceramics & metalwork
740 Drawing & decorative arts
750 Painting
760 Graphic arts
770 Photography & computer art
780 Music

Todays haul consists of:
Tori Amos, piece by piece 
Love is a mix tape : life and loss, one song at a time
Black & white digital photography 
Digital photography beyond the camera
Runway knits : 30 fashion-forward designs
Knitting classic style : 35 modern designs inspired by fashion’s archives
Scarf Style
Lace Style


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