Every now and then you run across a free application on the web that you don’t need but you know would be fun, this is one of those. Poladriod produces Polaroid style jpegs from your picture really easy, and it develops before your eyes, just like a real Polaroid. 


Here are a few I “took” today. Where there are two subjects the same the top one is processing with the bottom being the fully processed photo. I like that you can take snap shots durring the processing as I think sometimes partly processed looks better. 
Cross Poladriod

Cross Poladriod

Graveyard Poladriod

Graveyard Poladriod

Corban Poladriod

Corban Poladriod

Jump Poladriod

There is also the option of having a “clean print” meaning no finger prints, dust etc.

Stack Poladriod

Now I have to work out if there is a way of writing on the bottom bit. Oh and sorry PC users this is currently only for Mac.


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