Garden Grow

Not much happening on the knitting front at the moment bar a little present that I will tell you about later. However I pulled up the first of our Radishes yesterday, beautiful day it was to be in the garden. The only reason I planted radishes was because I read on the carrot packet you plant them together, and that is always what dad did. unfortunately I must of got a dud batch of carrot seeds as the only thing that came up was the radishes. What you do with radishes I’m not 100% sure, we had one cut up in the salad last night which was nice and I gave the tops to the rabbit & guinea pig.


The sugar snap peas are growing really fast, although my tee pee didn’t work to well. TP had asked how we teach them to climb up the sticks, she suggested we get a pea teacher, this might have been a good idea. I have wrapped some string around the sticks and have tried to get them to hold on to it but they have minds of their own. Still I don’t think it will be too big a deal in the end, I can’t wait to see flower on them.

Sugar Snap Peas

And finally our roses have come into flower again, the guy we brought off told us they were called first love, they are the brightest pink rose I have ever seen. I took some into work to brighten up the office on Friday but there are still heaps left on the bush.

First Love Roses

First Love Roses

I hope early next week to have some knitting to share with you.


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