I did some stash enhancement this weekend while out and about looking for an outfit for a company christmas party. I really did not need to add to my stash, I must admit I did entertain the idea of sneaking it over to my side of the bed so Lossy did not notice but I’m just not like that. I got this to make TP a Calorimetry after making one the below with some Vero I had left over, I was amazed how quick and satisfying it was to make.

I think TP’s really suites her and she love it. L1010895

The jumper for TP took a little holiday this weekend when I mucked up the neckline. So much for the shawl look I was going for, I really should have read a pattern with a neckline like I wanted before charging ahead, they are not constructed the way I though so I am having to change the design, but TP asures me she still likes it. This is what it looked like before I frogged it, I now know how to fix it so will get stuck in next weekend.
Failed neckline


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