Variegation Disappointment

One of the yarns I purchased last weekend was a verigated acrylic in what I thought at the time earthy colours, you know brown, orange a bit of green. I picked out the Cashmere Neck Warmer pattern as I liked how it looked kind of woven. Now obviously the Jelly yarn is not a of bulky weight so I couldn’t follow the pattern so I did my normal ‘that will do cast on’, which is where a measure out with the yarn about the width I would like then times that by 3 and do a long tail cast on, to date this has never failed me, although I’m sure the next time I do it it will as I have just jinxed myself.

Away I went, the stitch pattern is nice and easy to remember and was giving me a wonderful looking scarf, I then looked down at my ball of yarn and noted, with a heavy heart, that all I could now see in the reminder of my ball was green, admittedly it is a nice shade of green but not what I was expecting. It is always a risk you take with variegated yarns, that there might be a colour in amongst it that you weren’t expecting or that it may pool rather oddly. Luckily the later was not a problem with my neck warmer.

Below is a shot of the orange and brown which I really like in the yarn, the second photo you can see how it ended up with more green then what I would have liked.

Jelly Neck Warmer

Jelly Neck Warmer

I will live with it however, as it is only short it just wraps over itself and I can hide a lot of the green that way.


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