Interweave In the Box

Having seen the privew of the winter Inerweave knits I think all of us over on the Interweave Knits group at Ravelry were hanging out to get our hands on copies. Well mine finaly was in the PO Box on Thursday and as soon as I got home I pulled out the Naturally Yarns Harmony, that mum kindly gave me, and got started on the Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf.

When I first saw the pattern I thought that I wouldn’t do the pockets on the ends, but having read the litte decription in the magazine I changed my mind. It said something about how the pockets help the drape and it to stay in place, and when you think about it of course they will as it adds weight to the end of the scarfs so hopefully while walking along my windy street come winter the ends of it won’t get blown about over my shoulder. I did make a small adjustment to them though, I have only done 2 repeats of the cable pattern as I didn’t want them quite as deep as they have them, I must just remember to add an extra repeat to the scarf bit to make up the length.

I have also already learnt two new things while knitting this and I’ve only just finished the first pocket bit. I wouldn’t have thought I had anything to learn on this project when I first saw the photos on the web and that is what I love about knitting, there is always something new to learn. In this case I have learnt how to do a one row button hole, which will be very handy in the furture and the second is the way the pattern tells you to construct the bottom of the pockets, it doesn’t just fold over but after casting on every other stictch is transfered to a holder to knit after you have finished the pocket. What a great idea I wonder what that is called and if it could be used for the toe of a sock?
Pfeiffer falls hooded scarf


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