Moments of Clarity

Why do moments of clarity come only after you have knitted 112 rows?

I had a problem with the beginning of the hooded scarf after finishing the pocket and knitting off the holder to complete the scarf portion. The pattern reads “with WS facing P41 from holder” now I tried this again and again and couldn’t understand how this would work as once folded the pocket would be on the wrong side. After much frustration I concluded that although I could not find any errata for the pattern there must be an error and it should read “with RS facing..” So off I went purling my 47 stitches off the holder with the RS facing.

It is only tonight after competing 112 row, or two complete hanks of yarn, that I find if I had just continued reading the next few lines of the pattern that I would have found how it works. Just four rows down it has an adjustment to the rows which means that you knit two WS rows, therefore from that point on the WS  becomes the RS just in time for the pocket to finish covering it. Why I even went back now and found this I don’t know nor do I know how to fix this error without pulling the whole lot undone.

What have I learnt form this?

Always read the pattern all the way through carefully before casting on and when you can’t work something out at 10:30 pm it is time to put it down and go to bed. Start fresh a new day.


One response to “Moments of Clarity

  • Estheranyarn

    This is good for me to read, even the czar gets ahead of the game on occasion…hope you were able to quick fix and not long frog!

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