Looking Forward

I could do a 2008 summing up post, as it is the 31st of December, but its not really my thing. I am currently working on a second page for the blog which will sum up a lot of what I have shared with you this year but that will have to wait another couple of weeks.

So, on to 2009.

I have many projects up my sleeve, or should I say in my stash, for 2009. Summer is just really getting started for us here in New Zealand but if I started a summer garment now I would never finish it before the chill of late March. Plus, I have recently assessed my clothing and came to the conclusion that I am  not in need of any more knitted garments, therefore winter accessories will feature frequently on my WIPs page at Raverly this coming year. There are a few pluses to the accessories thing:

  1. Stash busting. The stash is fast becoming unruly and starting to encroach upon Lossy more then he knows.
  2. Speed. Most of what I will be knitting will be pretty fast off the needles which leads to point 3.
  3. Lots of finished FOs (finished objects).
  4. And maybe even lots of gifts for next christmas all sorted nice and early.

I of course have the Winter Twilight Mitts all lined up and sitting in my knitting box. These will be my first project I cast on in 2009 after I finish the Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf, which I will quickly add, I grafted the two haves together today with the help of Mum. The second project I’m pretty sure I will be casting on is the Kusha Kusha Scarf made with a blend of fiber I find very interesting silk & stainless steel. I was super excited when I found I could by the Habu Textieles yarns here in Auckland from South Seas Knitting, now i just have to give Mel a call in the new year and see if I can arrange a time to visit to pick out what colours to use. Coincidentally on linking to slipslipknit I see that today she has just posted that this is her most popular yarn.

I wish you a happy and safe new year celebration and will see you in the new year, I’m off to bed.


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