Kusha Kusha Scarf

Last weekend I took a visit to South Seas knitting to purchase the yarn for my Kusha Kusha Scarf. I was really excited about this project, the whole idea of stainless steel yarn and the sculptural nature of it really appealed to me. Upon returning home and checking the Kusha Kusha group out on Ravelry I found that I had not brought enough of the silk stainless steel, I had seen most had only used 1 cone of it so that is what I had priced the scarf on and worked out that I could justify a NZ$29 scarf. If I had have noticed that those that used just 1 cone had purchased the kit from Habu Textiles which comes with a cone of the silk stainless which is 1 oz rather than the .5 oz that I had purchased I would never even entertained the idea of this scarf for me, NZ$48.50 is nowhere near my budget. 

Habu yarns

Left 1/20 silk stainless steel colour 4, Right 2/48 merino wool colour 54

I guess I started off with a sour taste in my mouth, all my fault of course, about this project. I figured that as the scarf is designed 62″ long and at just over 5′ I don’t really need a scarf that long so I went about working out how long I could do with only half the amount of silk stainless. It all got too much and I thought stuff this I’m just going to knit. Knitting hasn’t really been as hard as I had read it could have been, my knit pick needles allow the yarn to slip really smoothly and apart from the initial cast on I haven’t had any challenge knitting with the fine yarns.

Kusha Kusha Scarf

3" knitted on US#8 needles

Kusha Kusha Scarf

One strand of each yarn held togeather


So I haven’t really been able to settle to this project, I would like to wear it next weekend to a party but I don’t know if next week will bring a new desire to finish this. I hope it does but at the moment I just keep looking at other projects I could start.


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