Weekend Gardening

Yesterday (Waitangi Day) we headed off to the garden centre or as the case was The Big Red Shed, to purchase some lettuce seedlings for the garden. While there we also got some more bamboo stakes and a couple of plastic cloches which will be great for the seeds that will planted in the next couple of days. 

 lettuce plants

Lettuce Seedlings

I also noticed that one of the tomatoes has started to ripen, I can’t wait to taste it.


Ripening Tomatoes

The other purchase in the garden department was a hanging basket for out back. There are 3 hooks from previous residents on the eves  and I always thought it would be nice to have baskets up there, so I have started off with just one, to see how it goes, plus I wasn’t sure what you can grow in them. I picked up a punet of Lobelia purely because it was the first thing I saw that said it was good for hanging baskets. On speaking to Besty, I found that I could also grow herbs and would you believe tomatoes in hanging baskets so that might be what goes in the other two.

Hanging basket

Hanging Basket

Hanging basket

Contents of Hanging Basket



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