Hooded Scarf Finished

All the ends are tucked in and I really love the way the hood sits. Thinking of making just another hood in lue of a beanie for winter. There are a few mistakes in it but I’m not going to point them out so you will never know. The yarn is really soft and has been nice to work with.

Hooded Scarf

Finished Hooded Scarf

I have now started the winter twilight mitts from the Fall issue of Interweave knits, and although this is my first attempted at stranded knitting it seems to be going ok.

Winter Twilight Mitts

Winter Twilight Mitts



3 responses to “Hooded Scarf Finished

  • Alicia

    Hey there! Your hooded scarf looks beautiful! I’m thinking of starting the same pattern, but I’d like to omit the pockets. Any tips?

    I’m assuming I would just start at the ‘Scarf Body’ part of the directions, but I’m a newbie so I could be VERY wrong 🙂

    • sbub

      Yes you would just start from the scarf body directions but you may want to make it a little longer as you will will be removing a couple of repeats then. It is a great pattern but I too would do it without the pockets if I were to knit it again.

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